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Friday 30 November 2012
I absolutely love my job, but showing off my perfect body is something I love to do as well.  Most men in Las Vegas that love tall blondes can easily find a pretty blonde for some fun, but not all the escorts in Las Vegas are as fun as me.  I have made sure that I use my pretty body and my brains to create the ultimate in fantasies for all of the wonderful clients I have.  My pride in my job has made me one of the best in Las Vegas, and I am proud to say that I have done my very best to ensure a great time. 

I am always open to all sorts of dates, but I like the ones that are fun, but semi naughty at the same time.  I might even be called a bit of a thrill seeker by some of my friends, but that is just fine with me.  To get in contact with me all you need to do is call me at 702-475-7588.  You will not be sorry if you call me for a good fun time, because I can guarantee the date will be exciting and fun with some naughtyness attached.
I always get a good chuckle when I say my name to any potential clients, because it is Hope.  Most think the name is ironic, and it might be, but when someone is hoping for a good time, I am the best option for them.  Being a Las Vegas escort is not only exciting, but it is and has been full of adventures and experiences that will last a life time.  Meeting new people has become a true passion of mine, and making them feel better is the best feeling ever.  I love my work, and stay very enthusiastic about what I do.  I have noticed that my favorite dates are a quiet dinner, then massages that are so relaxing followed by a sensual end to the night.  Having a long day can be very tiring, but a quiet dinner and a massage are just what the doctor ordered.  My reviews are excellent and that is so rewarding for me to see, because I do try hard to make sure I am the best time ever for my guests.  Please feel free to call 702-475-7601, if you would like to experience a nice refreshing night.  I aim to please and love when the night is super quiet and romantic with a delightful twist of naughty fun.
Las Vegas has been one of the best cities I have ever lived in.  Not only do you get this amazing city to live in, but being a Las Vegas escort has been so exciting.  I have loved all of my experiences and get excited for each new one to come.  I have passion for what I do, and love to do all sorts of things.  The most romantic night of my life was recently with a gentleman that came into town that was hoping for a nice quiet night with me.  Once I arrived to his room, the atmosphere was so romantic, I just knew I was going to have a wonderful time.  He also had the bathtub running, so I knew right away things were going to get hot and steamy really fast.  I got the best massage ever, and made sure I returned the favor.  Nights like that are why I stay so passionate about Las Vegas and being an escort, because it just doesn't get any better than that.  If you want to try a night like that with me just call 702-576-0356.  Building memories and experiences is what I love to do.
The one thing I love about being an escort in Las Vegas is how many men compliment my appearance.  I always get told I look like a celebrity or model, because of my appearance.  I am flattered on a regular basis, and it always makes my days so much more exciting and fun.  When my friends and I went out the other day, a really attractive man asked me for a date.  Of course, I had to explain my escorting job to him, but he didn't mind.  He thought I was a true gem, and was so excited to see me later on that day.  All he wanted was a very romantic night with candles and soft music.  I made sure I wore my best lingerie that night and curled my hair.  I wanted him to feel so special and that I was ready for the best night of my life.  The night was erotic, intense, and very steamy.  That is how I like all of my nights to be in Las Vegas.  Intense, steamy, and full of passion, that’s how I like to do things.  If a Las Vegas escort is something you are seeking, then look no further.  Please call 702-576-0497.
Living in Las Vegas and being one of the best Vegas escorts makes my head spin.  I love what I am doing with my life, and getting to meet new people has been very exciting.  I try to make sure my clients have the time of their life when they are with me.  Some of my favorite things to do when I am spending time with my clients is going to different bars and restaurants.  One of my returning clients loves to attend live bands that play in bars, so we always go hang out and have a few cocktails listening to live music.  The bonding experience is awesome.  However, the end result of a night with me is better than any live music or bar.  All of my awesome clients and I connect, so it's always a good time with me.  I feel so proud of how well I am doing, and hope to meet some new clients soon.  To reach me for a sexy time, just pick up a phone and call 702-475-7590.  I get so excited knowing I will get to meet new people.  Men should be ready for a really good time with me.
Being one of the most popular Las Vegas escorts has been a dream come true for me.  Not only have I met some cool people, but I love having fun and making people happy.  A day for me consists of making sure my body stays nice and fit.  I always take the time to go to the gym, so that I can be the best Las Vegas escort I can be.  Staying physically fit is something I think is a must no matter who you are or what age you might be.  All of my friends and clients always praise me at how well I am doing in Las Vegas.  I am thrilled to be achieving my dreams and having fun while I do it.  Clients love me, because I am that perfect girl to hang out with, but also that girl that is naughty, but nice.  Most clients love to have a delightful twist in a companion they plan on hanging out with.  Treating my clients like kings is something I take great pride in and seeing a satisfied smile on their face.  So call me at 702-475-7611 if you like my idea of having fun.
I am so glad and I love being a Las Vegas escort.  Being an escort is a great job, and I love all of the companionship I am able to provide to men looking for a hot date and those that love to have a great time.  My friends are always commenting on how happy I am, and how they have heard I am one of the top rated escorts in Las Vegas.  I am very adventurous, so when a date says we are going to try something new, I am thrilled.  The cool thing about Las Vegas is all of the different adventures there are to try out.  Exploring new things in and out of the bedroom can be also so sexy and fun for me too.  I love my dates to be nice, clean, and ready for some adventure and great times with a sexy girl that loves to please.  My adventures also are with women, because I love the touch of a woman, so I am always a really good time.  For men and women that think my escort companionship would be just what they are seeking please call 702-576-0511.  Meeting new people and couples is one of my favorite things to do.
One of the things I love about being a Las Vegas escort is all of the wonderful men I meet.  You cannot beat all of the attention I get plus, I love being called one of the best escorts in Las Vegas.  My favorite thing to do is all of the fun sensual play.  I have found that my sensual nature is a huge asset that is making me so popular.  I love to caress and enjoy a man, but I also like to be sure there is nothing but pleasure by being with me.  Working out hard to keep my perfect body is shape is paying off, because all the men I meet always comment on how firm and smooth my perfect body is.  An ideal date with me is lingerie shopping.  Picking out the best lingerie that flatters my body can be a great way to get a date started with me, plus it makes the mood much more erotic and sexy.  Men can reach me at 702-475-7597 if having some lingerie modeling sounds like a good time.  I just love to wear pretty things and show off my excellent assets.
Las Vegas is a wonderful city to visit, and even better if you live here.  Finding the perfect Las Vegas escort can be a challenge, but you don’t have to look any further.  I love being sexual and sensual.  One of my best experiences ever was recently with a client that loved getting massages by pretty women.  Of course, I fit the bill perfectly, but his idea was different.  My client wanted to go get professional massages as a couple to get us both nice and relaxed.  Now, this was my kind of date, because who wouldn't love to enjoy a nice massage in Las Vegas.  After our massages were over, we headed back to his posh hotel room.  We were both so relaxed from our bonding experience, that we were ready for a nice warm bubble bath.  All my client kept commenting on was how nice and soft my skin was, which was great to me, because I take the time to make sure my body feels good and looks good.  For any men that likes this idea of a date, please feel free to call me at 702-576-0198.  Hugs and kisses from Celeste in Las Vegas.
I love to have a good time and really enjoy the company of a nice man.  Las Vegas is the perfect place to have sensual fun with a hot brunette such as myself.  Not only are the Las Vegas escorts hot, but an escort such as myself loves men.  I love to be super sensual and please a man with the perfect massage.  I also am open to adventure too!  Las Vegas has plenty of places to go and have a good time.  Strip clubs are always a fun place to explore and enjoy pretty girls, but so is a nice romantic dinner to set the mood.  One of my favorite dates with a client was heading out for a fun night on the town.  I love to spend time with my clients, so we went out to a few different clubs and danced.  We then decided that a late night dinner with candles would be so romantic.  The end of the date was in my client's five star room that was all about massaging and kissing.  Who wouldn't want a date like that?  Please call 702-475-7587 for this wonderful experience of a lifetime.