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Friday 30 November 2012
I always get a good chuckle when I say my name to any potential clients, because it is Hope.  Most think the name is ironic, and it might be, but when someone is hoping for a good time, I am the best option for them.  Being a Las Vegas escort is not only exciting, but it is and has been full of adventures and experiences that will last a life time.  Meeting new people has become a true passion of mine, and making them feel better is the best feeling ever.  I love my work, and stay very enthusiastic about what I do.  I have noticed that my favorite dates are a quiet dinner, then massages that are so relaxing followed by a sensual end to the night.  Having a long day can be very tiring, but a quiet dinner and a massage are just what the doctor ordered.  My reviews are excellent and that is so rewarding for me to see, because I do try hard to make sure I am the best time ever for my guests.  Please feel free to call 702-475-7601, if you would like to experience a nice refreshing night.  I aim to please and love when the night is super quiet and romantic with a delightful twist of naughty fun.

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